13Essentials Product Results

Hobbyists and professional growers around the world are using 13Essentials as their product of choice for foliar feeding. Happy customers are witnessing the results of maximum plant growth for indoor and outdoor plants as well as a stronger, larger, denser grow with more aromatic flowers and tastier fruits and vegetables. Here are a few growers sharing their experience with the now, most sort after Foliar Fertilizing Spray, 13Essentials

Aug 17, 2018 | Case Study

Left Coast Cellars – Grape

The 13Essentials spray block was looking green and healthy, leaves not yellowing, and more tolerant to the drought-i-ness of late summer before harvest.  

Aug 11, 2018 | Case Study

Green Thumb Mom

Just a little update! This morning I went to check on the seedlings I had planted, I don’t know, maybe five days ago they were already sprouted.  

Aug 11, 2018 | Case Study

Andrea V.

Very nice addition for my grow in general, especially awesome for seedlings, clones and seeds. Clones stay green with no effort and seedlings are lush  

Aug 11, 2018 | Case Study

Brandy N. California

This is a fern in my yard that has always looked anemic for last 12 years. This winter I got a sample of 13essentials here is what it did in about 5 weeks.  

Aug 11, 2018 | Case Study

Sharon R. California

I can’t believe the difference, but the pictures don’t lie! I will be repotting them in a few days.  

Aug 10, 2018 | Case Study

Blazin Bowls

I definitely believe in your product, it really does work! I love it.  

Aug 10, 2018 | Case Study

William V.

I got my sample bottle and I love it. I will be ordering a bottle soon!  

Aug 10, 2018 | Case Study

Scott E.

I picked my most deficient plant and sprayed it with 13essentials a couple of times for 3 consecutive days. From my "before" and "after" pics you  

Explosive root growth on my cuttings. Love it! David R. on Amazon

I love this product I’ve been using it for about a month on my cannabis plants and the’ve all been growing nice and good and I also use it on my clones and then I actually works better than the clonexClone solution. Great product


Best foliar spray ever! – Cliff H. on Amazon

I bought the sample, and won a 4 oz bottle. This product is amazing. I swear it saved my plants after all the damage they received from being in a locked, dark, 100 degree room with no air movement for 8 days. I sprayed the plants with 13 Essentials and flooded the pots with plain water. Within 3 days, I had at least 2 inches of new growth. I love this product.


Fantastic Product! – CAH on Amazon

Fantastic product !! I was having issues with my plants and extra foliar feeding with only this product, in proper pH’ed water, brought my plants back to health. No shttt !! I strongly recommend this product. It’s like a daily multivitamin for your plants


This is a revolutionary product! – Deepu B. on Amazon

I’ve used this product for the last 1 month and there’s only one way to describe this product – it’s AWESOME! It’s done wonders in my garden. I waited a full 30 days to thoroughly test out 13essentials before posting a review. I’ve sprayed this on my tomato plants, citrus trees, roses and herb bushes. This is an all-purpose food for plants and far superior to other products like Miracle Grow.
It comes in a very concentrated form. You need to use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water so it’s going to last a long, long time. I use a 1 gallon sprayer and aplly it on either side of the foliage every weekend. It’s definitely worth every penny! This is going to be my goto fertilizer now and beats everything else hands down.


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