The Importance of Macronutrients & Micronutrients

Everyone knows water and carbon dioxide are vital to growing cannabis; no plant will ever survive without them. Macronutrients and micronutrients are also crucial, and one cannot compensate for the other. Both are needed. A nutrient’s worth can only be determined by how well a plant can survive without it, which means every nutrient, both macro and micro, are critical to growing healthy and vital cannabis plant. Macronutrients are used in the largest quantities. However, even though micronutrients are used in smaller quantities, they are still necessary to plant growth.

Macronutrients include:

Phosphorous – transfers plant energy, vital for photosynthesis and stronger root system.

Potassium – establishes strong root growth, motivates water uptake and increases

Nitrogen – promotes photosynthesis and is responsible for size, growth and vitality of plants.

Macronutrients must work with micronutrients to create healthy, high-yielding cannabis plants. And, nano-nutrients are even more effective. The following 13 Essentials balanced nano-scale foliar feeding system will allow your plants to thrive while their production is sure to satisfy you every season. Our micronutrient system includes:

Silica, also known as potassium silicate, silica is an amazing, beneficial supplement that makes plants larger and more resilient. Silica also helps protect plants against pests and diseases. Higher yields are more common among plants that use silica.


Iron – helps with photosynthesis and enzyme reactions.

Magnesium – encourages light absorption, aids in nutrient utilization and neutralizes acids.

Manganese – assists plant enzymes in reducing nitrates before protein production.

Zinc – is vital for plant growth.

Copper – is essential for enzymes.

Phosphorus – helps in the flowering process. It is also necessary for root development, blooming and photosynthesis.

Calcium – is used in the strengthening of the plant’s cell walls, assists in root tip growth and the neutralization of organic acids.

Sulfur – is an important part of proteins, increases root growth and helps spread chlorophyll.

Potassium – assists in the flow of water as it moves through the plant’s stems, roots and more.

Molybdenum – helps turn nitrates into ammonia.

Boron – is necessary for cell wall creation and stabilization, as well as root tip growth.

Cobalt – affects growth and metabolism of plants.

Together, all of these nutrients work to grow the biggest, strongest and highest-yielding cannabis plants. 13 Essentials is a natural product. Under current definitions it is not certified as organic, however, we consider it to be a “post organic” 4th generation nano scale product with a very small carbon footprint.

For more information on the most effective macronutrient/micronutrient combination for your plants, contact today.

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Comment by bryan August 25, 2018 at 1:12 am

Hi! I’m looking around for a good solution to providing my ‘girls’ with a good balanced micronutrient solution. I’ve used many different brands in the past with varying degrees of success but have yet to find one that I can settle on and stick with. Before I purchase from you is there a chance I could try a sample of your product. I currently have at any given time 20-30 plants, all in soil. I appreciate your time for reading and hopefully will hear back from you guys. Thanks!

Comment by admin August 26, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Hi Bryan,
We do offer a free sample size, 1oz for just the cost of shipping, $4. This should give you a good chance to test it on a few plants. Here’s the link – Please keep us in the loop, we’d love to hear how it worked out for you. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and / or Twitter too. We often feature great results so you can see how 13E is working well for others just like you.