What’s New in Recreational Cannabis? An Overview

The latest news regarding recreational cannabis contains a lot of exciting information:
  • Recently, Colorado became the first state to offer drive-thru cannabis services. With cannabis now legalized in 29 states, drive-thru dispensaries are becoming more popular with three states currently adopting this practice that also includes Arizona and Nevada.
  • On November 16, 2017, three California cannabis licensing authorities, proposed emergency regulations for commercial, medicinal and adult-use cannabis. Licensing and enforcement regulations are included, along with the introduction of a transition period, lasting from January 1st to June 30th of 2018.
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA) is inching closer to dropping the ban on cannabis, as a former commissioner, David Stern, spoke in favor of players being allowed to use cannabis and met with former NBA player, Al Harrington, to discuss this point.
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