Are You Using the Right Cannabis Nutrients in Your Garden?

Along with the right temperature, lighting, humidity, water and soil for your garden, the proper cannabis nutrients are also a must for obtaining maximum plant growth and yield. Cannabis leaves and flowers require a large amount of the right kind of nutrients. For a cannabis grower, nothing is worse than putting time and effort into a garden only to discover the nutrients were not balanced and were sub-standard.   Whether you live in Colorado, California, Washington or Oregon, how do you know if you are using the right nutrients for your garden? At 13 Essentials, we have already done the time test for you, and this what we’ve found:
  • Cannabis gardens require macronutrients, micronutrients, and even nano-nutrients - one cannot compensate for the other.
  • Macronutrients are used in the largest quantities. However,
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Preparing Your Garden for Cooler Temperatures

Unlike humans and animals, plants cannot create their own heat. This is why maintaining a proper plant temperature is so important to the overall process of growing cannabis. A cannabis plant’ temperature is created by light, air temperature and evaporation. It is impossible to determine the actual temperature of a cannabis plant, however temperature is vital to plant growth. During cold winter months, keep these tips in mind: Grow room – always consider the location and size of your grow room, as well as the number of windows. Grow rooms with more windows and/or in a basement will take on colder temperatures. Photosynthesis Read More

How to Increase Yield

Foliar fertilizer feeding is a simple way to deliver fertilizer that contains healthy nutrients through your cannabis plant’s leaves. While foliar feeding will never replace root-feeding programs that add much-needed fertilizers, foliar feeding does provide a quick boost and is known to increase a plant’s yield. Regardless of what some people believe, cannabis leaves do need regular and adequate misting, and there’s no better way to do this than to feed your plant adequate fertilizer through its foliage.   Every cannabis grower, should use an effective foliage feeding program, using the steps listed below, to make sure your end-result is an increased yield: How much to feed – never too much and never too little. The leaves should not be soaked, but just adequately moist. How often to
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New Regulations and How They Affect Growers

California was the first state to change the cannabis law and legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes only. That was in 1996. Twenty-seven other states have joined the bandwagon since then with eight more states approving cannabis for recreational use. Cannabis laws vary from state-to-state, so it is always important to be current on the latest information regarding the laws in your state. Another thing to consider is that, while there are all of these states that have legalized cannabis use, the federal government still considers cannabis to be a Schedule I narcotic, like heroin. When it comes to the new cannabis regulations and how they affect growers, some cannabis laws have a big impact while others are minimal. Here are a few:
  • Because the industry is unregulated and more growers are popping up, more and more plants are n
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