Silicon – The Essential Element for Plant Growth

While silicon (Si) is not considered a macronutrient for plants, it is an important nutrient and one that helps plants adapt to hostile environments. Various published research papers have concluded that Si is an effective antidote to pests and diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Si has also been found to positively impact plants under various abiotic stresses including salt stress, metal toxicity, drought stress, radiation damage, nutrient imbalance, high temperature, freezing etc. Silicon is an important nutrient and one that can help your plants thrive.

What Silicon Does

Until recently, Si was not recognized as an essential element for plant growth. However, recently, Epstein and Bloom (2003) have ventured to offer a new basis for including Si in the list of essential elements as Si deficiency causes various abnormalities in the plant. Ben
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How to Deal with Aphids

For all the work that goes into successfully growing cannabis, one of the worst and most discouraging experiences for a grower is to catch site of an unwanted insect, or see the signs that an insect infestation is currently in place. This goes for all gardens and plants when it really comes down to it.  One of the most commonly found insects in any cannabis garden is aphids. These tiny, pear-shaped insects come in many different colors: green, red, black or white. They can be 1 to 10 millimeters long, but typically are on the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to growing cannabis. Green is the most common color of aphid in most cannabis gardens.   Aphids love to live on the underside of leaves. They thrive by sucking sap from all parts of a cannabis plant including the leaves, branches and stems. As if this isn’t bad enough, they leave
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Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis requires commitment. The first and biggest mistake most people make when growing cannabis is refusing to realize all that goes into growing this type of plant. Yes, there are a lot of benefits from growing cannabis, but, like any other venture you might pursue, make sure you are fully aware of all that is required. Once the commitment is understood and made, there are a few other mistakes you will want to avoid in order to have a great and rewarding cannabis growing experience: Not enough research – fortunately, a lot of research has been done on how to grow a successful cannabis plant. But, when that research is not explored, many mistakes are made that could easily be avoided. For beginners, a checklist might be helpful so nothing gets overlooked. Ask trusted individuals what has worked for them. Improper setupRead More