Best Cannabis Trade Shows This Summer

Along with all the fun Summer brings, it's also a great time for cannabis trade shows, and this year is no exception. When it comes to great cannabis trade shows, here are our top picks: CannaCon – this trade shows bills itself as one of the “best and brightest” when it comes to everything cannabis. Whether you are a business owner or a curious consumer, this is where many of the latest cannabis insights, trends and products are available. Held at the Hynes Convention Center, from July 13th – 15th, more information can be found at The Hemp & Cannabis Fair in Redding-Anderson Read More

Hydroponics vs Soil: Which is Better?

The goal of every cannabis grower is to have the highest, most flavorful yield. This often leads to a keen interest in the best cannabis growing tips. Common questions are then asked, like: “Should my cannabis be grown using the hydroponic method or the soil method? And exactly what are the best cannabis growing tips?” The first tip to growing cannabis hydroponically or in soil is to consider your lifestyle and goals. Fortunately, cannabis can be grown in several different ways, so there are many choices available. For instance, do you live in a place where space is limited? If so, hydroponics will work great for you. If your main focus is the overall organic look and great flavor, you might enjoy growing cannabis in Mother Earth’s wonderful soil. For those considering growing cannabis using the soil method, enough research has now been collected to help you out an
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Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis requires commitment. The first and biggest mistake most people make when growing cannabis is refusing to realize all that goes into growing this type of plant. Yes, there are a lot of benefits from growing cannabis, but, like any other venture you might pursue, make sure you are fully aware of all that is required. Once the commitment is understood and made, there are a few other mistakes you will want to avoid in order to have a great and rewarding cannabis growing experience: Not enough research – fortunately, a lot of research has been done on how to grow a successful cannabis plant. But, when that research is not explored, many mistakes are made that could easily be avoided. For beginners, a checklist might be helpful so nothing gets overlooked. Ask trusted individuals what has worked for them. Improper setupRead More

Bigger Buds: Make the Most of Your Setup

To create the proper setup for the growth of your cannabis plant—particularly with the goal of yielding bigger buds, the most important step is to include a high-quality cannabis fertilizer, one with a 2.5% density. Why are bigger buds important? Because the buds of the cannabis plant contain the highest amounts of tetrahyrdrocannabinol, (THC), the chemical compound known for creating the pleasurable effects desired. To go along with the 2.5% density cannabis fertilizer, these other steps must be part of the setup for a successful cannabis plant:
  • Choose high quality, reputable seeds—not all cannabis seeds are created equally, which is why great care should be given when selecting the right seed to produce the most successful plant. Read More